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# Closer to the edge.

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MessageSujet: # Closer to the edge. Jeu 17 Fév - 7:46

I believe in nothing
Not the end and not the start
I believe in nothing
Not the earth and not the stars
I believe in nothing
Not the day or not the dark
I believe in nothing
But the beating of our hearts
I believe in nothing
100 suns until we part

This was annoying. As he walked into knee-deep water, he noticed that the church was completely empty. It wasn’t surprising. The flood had made the people flee. But, on the contrary, it had attracted the scientist’s attention, because the weather had been very strange. And even thus Canada was a rainy country, this time of year was not adequate to floods and heavy rain. Plus, the amount of water that had dropped here was unnatural compare to the time the storm had lasted. This was a detail that only the precise scientists would see. And them they had sent him here to search for the probable innocence that had caused this soft watered sea. Oh. He had not been sent alone !

Ah, Kanda, Evangeline, here you are !

Evangeline had been pretty excited to see the scientist. Was it that she was happy to go on a mission ? Hm. Kanda was totally unaware about her heart’s feeling, actually. He wouldn’t notice this sort of things if they weren’t clearly displayed in front of his nose. Well… nevertheless.

Hmm ?
I have a mission for you.

As Evangeline asked what the mission was about, Komui brought out a large map of Canada.

I think you’re going to need your umbrellas, children.


Indeed, he hadn’t come alone, but he had pretty much left Evangeline behind, he didn’t know when or where… Ah, splendid sound, this silence !

He walked toward some statues. Under a rose window ( rosace ), an angel was looking at a baby that had to be Jesus. Kanda walked among the marble people, looking for what looked like a small cube : innocence. But Mugen did not react, so he guessed it wasn’t here. But he had sense something in this church. Drops fell down from the roof, splashing onto the water that had invaded the church.

Screams. They came from outside.
Kanda ran out of the church, pushing with difficulty the big wooden doors that were pushed by the strength of the water. But he managed to get out. He realized that it had started to rain again. The level of water had began to rise again and some idiotic people had just realized that they weren’t safe enough. A dog that was staying close to it’s owner howled as powerful flows of water washed him away. The owner had barely had the time to grab on to a window edge, screaming wildly. His fingers were letting go. Tch. Grabbing unto the buttress ( contrefort ), he jumped to the wall to have a solid base to jump across the water and get near the man. Grabbing on to the back of his collar, Kanda caught him and manage to get him onto the roof. It would have to do right now, for the first scream he had heard belong to a child.

Save my son, please !

Guess he had been right. The man pointed towards the next house. Right. Let’s go.

Kanda jumped down, and crashed through a window. The glass broke in pieces. Kanda searched for the little kid. Calling. He got a choked answer. But walls separated him from the noise. Tch.
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MessageSujet: Re: # Closer to the edge. Lun 25 Avr - 6:30

Regard noir & Regard bleu

He was sexy. Really sexy.
Dark hair down his neck, a thin black shirt fitting him perfectly, his hands with pale fingers skimed through papers… Evangeline looked at him in a perfect contemplating silence : her face on a hand, a little smile on her thin mouth, and losted azure eyes on the beautiful man. She imagined for a while herself and him alone, in front a snowy lake in Russia… Then, a foolish guy who hadn’t any intelligence passed in front of the symbiotic exorcist and cut the visual contact. This idiot was called Kanda, the most awful rival on the planet Earth.
However, it was Miss Pavlichenko who felt stupid. She just admired her boss Komui Lee explain the mission as she asked. She blushed and recapitulated the aim in her head like a computer. Then, they lived toward Quebec.


A pale and dead silence.
She was fond of that. Although she admired the sound of the wind, this innocence, this purity was awesome… The sky was just like the snow under their feet, threatening clouds as though it come a hurricane… Wonderful.
Kanda leaded the way, they didn’t talk together, like they respected the silence. Then, the two exorcists from the Congregation penetrated the Church reserching for a small cube named « innocence », one of the 103 in the world. As always, like a historian, she sketched the least of pillar or statue. She tried too, to explain to Yûbaka the story of the Church but it seemed don’t interested him. No matters, Evangeline left him in a alley and she took a corridor.
Suddetly, a mass of water poured out the place where she was. So, the Crow jumped nimbly and left the corridor as it hadn’t any window. Then, she heared a noise seemed to be a scream. Therfore she leaped over statues to reach the roof. What she saw was beatiful.
Water. Ok… very strange water.
The dislocated clock looked at the place and saw the swordsman save a man who indicated him the position of… his son. The exorcist leaped over the water to reach his colleague but a tree collapsed. She lost time but she succed to jump near the man who was just saved. Strange man. Incredibly calm since Kanda left him. He looked at Evangeline and laughed. Then, he was transforming on an awful monster : an akuma. The Russian understood that her rival was in danger, in a trap !
She wanted to go with him but the akuma attacked her. Thanks to her agility, the level 3 didn’t touch her. Thus she activated her innocence and made her bones like her famous Armor. She accelerated her time and pierced the demon. Finally dead, Evangeline ran over roofs to reach her partner.

(JE SAVAIS QU'ON AVAIT UN RP ! XD My dear, j'espère ne pas avoir trop perdu la main (h) <3 )
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MessageSujet: Re: # Closer to the edge. Mar 26 Avr - 19:40

I'll have you know
That I've become
Determination that is incorruptible
From the other side, a terror to behold
Annihilation will be unavoidable

Je méprise trop ces gens pour me déplaire en leur compagnie.

Gray Clouds.
Endless pours of rain.
Kanda heard the choked cry again. The kid was just on the other side of the pale wall. He hurried to the nearest door and broke it in pieces. He ended up in a corridor, and from there he reached the correct room. He hurried in, looking for the kid. But the noise had stopped. Instead, the door behind him closed and several akumas appeared from the water, and behind him. With a grunt, he prepared his sword. A trap ? Was the kid really there ? Well, he didn’t have to ask himself so many questions. He only had one priority : destroy the akumas. That was all. But the were numerous, and he was alone. Not that he needed help, no. Well, he didn’t think he did. But anyway.

The monster's voice was like stones rolling on each other.

"Die, die as you deserve."

Kanda smiled.

"I might deserve it, but I won't. Sorry to dissapoint you."

Without a moment’s hesitation, he jumped to the nearest wall, and pushed himself onto the opposite one, slaying an akuma on his flying path. While he jumped, his right index and middle finger raced on the length of his weapon : Mugen. The blade flashed with electricity and it’s blackness became a bright metallic grey. It was awoken. And with it, as he pushed himself off another wall, he slashed in front of him and with a crack, the air opened in two, and from the fin opening, monstrous insects came flying out, separating in different directions, crawling towards the akuma.

Then a laugh broke every other noise in the room. The laughter of a child. A very small child. It creeped Kanda, seending a cold shiver down his broad back. His eyes caught the movement at the very last second. Something broke one of the walls of the room. It looked like a child, but difformed and ugly. It smiled at Kanda, and laugh again. But then, in a fraction of a second, the hideous creature transformed itself, become a slick body, like a big beige snake. It filled the room, and soon Kanda was overwhelmed by it’s mass. It pushed him against a wall, but the exorcist held his weapon in front of him, and the cutting side cut open the slivery body. The creature shrieked, but held his place, so Kanda had to pushed, crawl himself away. As soon as he was free, the other akumas that were left attacked him and as the ground beneath his feet gave way, he fell with the big slivery creature, and they both fell in the swarming water.

Bubbles formed as the monster moved around.

Kanda pushed away the monster’s body, less heavy under water, and Mugen was like a stiff eel in the deep blue water. Let the fight begin.

But where the hell was Evangeline ?
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MessageSujet: Re: # Closer to the edge. Ven 29 Avr - 5:43

Le Chevelu & La Chevelue

M u s i c

An only goal : to find Kanda.
Evangeline looked arround her position and listen to any noise who could help her to find her companion. Then, a big crack made itself heard. The exorcist who was like a crow jumbed agily on several ruins and stoped running above a house. Suddetly, the roof collapsed and a giant akuma appeared. In a fraction of a seconde, she caught sight of the swordsman’s innocence : ghosts like insects. Indeed, a lot of demons were born under this roof and the house was just full filled of water. She jumped again on a other roof.
The akuma was just like a snake, or a big worm. He was drowning when Evangeline looked at the bottom, at the begining of the water, and saw her team mate (coéquipier). Under the water. Huh. So funny. Miss Pavlichenko laughed with a sarcasm and slashed the wormy akuma. She was so terrifing that the other steped back. She knew that the kendoka could success to escape of the deep water but Evangeline wanted to make him in debt : as a result, she dived her leather-gloved hand into the darkness of the wave and caught Kanda’s hand. With strengh, the clock pulled him on a piece of ruin.
« Fortunately I ran past here… You owe your life to me, but I have to acknowledge your weakness my poor Yûbaka ! The best is that you was conned by a akuma ! Laughable ! Nevertheless, that’s not time to have a fight between us, I see your angry in your eyes… Now, we have to get rid of some creeps… So… Let’s fight ! »
Just as she stoped talking, the mass of dead loss akuma brought back together… What was the aim ? To create a giant, and really huge akuma. He looked like a strange human with a misshapen (déformé) body, with four arms, three scrawny legs and wearing a hopeless white mask. As small as ants, Kanda and Evangeline were ridiculous whereas the huge monster was imposing. Yet, the Clock was laughing. Laughing of pleasure. Because to fight was her nature, just like her companion who was certainly excited.
To begin the battle, Evangeline spreaded her black bones wings and flew toward the akuma’s head. Armed with her wings, her bones Armor, missed time manipulation. At this moment, the Russian accelerated her time and reached light speed.
The Dislocated Clock was awake.

(J'aime j'aime j'aime cette action ! Ca va swinger maaaaaan ! >w<)
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MessageSujet: Re: # Closer to the edge.

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# Closer to the edge.

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